Introduction to AI/ML


Mr. Raj Trivedi


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Course Name : Introduction to AI/ML

Code(Credit) : ABC01(1-1-0)

Course Objectives

  • Develop a basic understanding of AI/ML and its transformative impact on business (existing and new).

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and simply articulate: What is AI/ML? (in non-technical terms)
  • Consider and apply AI/ML to solve/create alternate solutions to business problems and opportunities

Course Syllabus

Module 1

Module 2

India's Leadership in AI & ML Approaches, Focus areas for Interventions

Session Plan

Session 1

Session 2

Relationship between AI & ML

Machine Learning Approaches & Techniques

Session 3

Applications of AI & ML

India’s Leadership in AI & ML Approaches

Session 4

Student Presentations on "Emergence & Applications of AI/ML in India"

Session 5

Project Report:

Based on the below four case studies generate a report highlighting the impact of AI/ML, India’s current status as compared to other large economy in terms of R&D for AI/ML with recommendations.

Case Study 1

Narayana Health uses data analytics and AI to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare

Case Study 2

Microsoft and ICRISAT - Bringing Artificial Intelligence to agriculture to boost crop yield

Case Study 3

BYJU’s smart content for improved interactivity with the users

Case Study 4

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