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Course Name :Multi Skill Technician (Manufacturing)

Code(Credit) : CUTM3013 (1-4-1)


Course Objectives

• Utilizing different Tools, Mechanisms, Measuring instruments with Safety Practice
• Linking the Specific Tools with their specific applications towards different process.
• Conveyance on Cutting, Joining, Machining & Assembly processes in Manufacturing


Learning Outcomes

• Knowledge on safety of tools and processes to avoid accident.
• Skills of using different power and machine tools.
• Exposure to using different metal cutting, fitting & joining

Course Syllabus

Module 1:
Approach To Mechanical Establishment; Illustration To Safety Practice & Equipment. (6hrs)

Exhibition To Different Parts Produced By Cnc ,Wood Engineering,Welding,Fitting,Conventional Machining.
To Avoid Accidents In Workshop (Safety &Amp; Precautions).
Familiarization To Different Clamping Devices ( Vice, V-Block, C-Clamp, Jig&Amp; Fixtures).
Different Hand Tools (Files,Hacksaw,Chisel,Screwdriver,Hammer,Pliers,Wrrench,Spanner)
Marking &Amp; Measuring Tools:
Marking: Surface Plate, Scriber, Punches
Measuring: Steel Rule,Measuring Tape,Trysquare, Micrometer,Vernierrcalliper &Amp;Height Gauge.

Module 2:
Fitting Shop. (15hrs)

Measuring &Amp; Cutting
Cutting &Amp; Drilling ( Hand Tools 7 Power Tools,Chiseling,Hammering &Amp; Shaping)
Final Job Preparation By Using Above Tools

Module 3:
Sheet Metal Work(12hrs)

Introduction To Different Sheetmetal Terminology (Punch,Die,Stamping Press,Power Press)
Cutting Operation
Bending Operation

Module 4:
Welding (12hrs)

Introduction to welding its equipments, its types ; safety & precaution
Gas Welding (Oxy- Acetylene welding, Air- Acetylene Welding)

Module 5:
Power Tools &Amp; Machine Tools (15hrs)

Power Hacksaw, Circular saw, Jig saw
Drilling ( Bench drilling, Pillar drills, Hand drills)
Grinding ( Surface grinding, Pedestal Grinding, Hand Grinder.
Milling ( Vertical milling ,Horizontal Milling, Universal Milling)

Module 6:
Wood Engineering (12hrs)

Hand Tools, Marking &Amp; Measuring Tools Used In Wood Engineering
Chiseling, Hammering, Sawing, Wood Jack Plane, Hand Drilling Machine Etc.
Dove-Tail Lap Joints
Using Of Advanced Tools In Wood Engineering Lab
Angular Cutting By Advanced Machining

Project - (15hrs)

List of Projects (One project is to be chosen by group of students. Maximum group size is 4)
1. Project: Decorative items production from metal.
2. Project: Decorative item production from wood.
3. Project: Different mechanism production from metal.
4. Project: Different mechanism production from wood.
5. Project: Mini cabinet preparation from scrap metal or wood.

Session Plan

Session 1

* DEMO - Demonstration of Safety Practices to the students.
* DEMO - Students will visit to different Labs like CNC, conventional Machine Shops .
* DEMO - Different machined jobs will be visualize to them and They should make a group talk on the presence of faculty.

Session 2

* DEMO - Demonstration of hand tools to students with their types, uses, specifications.
* PRACTICE - Finding types, specification, basic working of tools from different resources .

Web Links:

Types of tools
E- content on Hand tools

Session 3

* DEMO - Demonstration of different clamping devices to students with their types, uses, specifications.
* PRACTICE - Finding types, specification, basic working of clamping devices from different resources

Web Links:

Types of Vices
E- content on different types of vices

Session 4

* DEMO - Machining and Production related related videos, pictures ,ppts will be shown.

Web Links:

CNC Machining of a Titan Eagle

Making of jewellery through machining

Session 5

* DEMO - Demonstration of various marking & measuring instruments with their uses, working, types& specification.
* PRACTICE - Searching various latest measuring technology with quick working process from different sources

Web Links:

Measuring Instrument - Vernier calliper
30 + measuring instruments for a mechanical engineer

Session 6

* DEMO - Demonstration of different clamping process & reference filling of workpiece with measurement
* PRACTICE - Reference profile production from (50*50*12) mm MS-slab

Session 7

* DEMO - Illustration of marking by using vernier height gauge, scriber, dot punch, number puncing.
* PRACTICE - Reference filling

Session 8

* PRACTICE - Dimension maintaining on the given job.
* PRACTICE - Measurement &marking

Session 9, 10

* PRACTICE - Profile and angle hacksawing
* PRACTICE - Center Punching

Session 11

* DEMO - Demonstration of different sheet metal working process.
* DEMO - Illustration of different sheet metal cutting, bending, pressing operations.

Web Links:

Different sheet metal operations
E- content on sheetmetal working

Session 12, 13

* PRACTICE - Sheet metal tray formation (150*150*2) mm.

Session 14

* DEMO - Demonstration of different metal joining process by welding.

Web Links:

Metal joining process
E- content on metal joining process

Session 15

* DEMO - Illustration to arc welding process will be shown with description.

Web Links:

ARC Welding

Session 16

* PRACTICE - Corner joint with 2 numbers of 45*30*5 mm new MS- slab.

Session 17

* DEMO - Cutting & joining process will be demonstrated by various gas welding processes.
* PRACTICE - Repairing of old damaged metal scraps by using gas welding process .

Session 18

* DEMO - Demonstration of various machining process to form a profile - Cutting, drilling, grinding, facing, turning , various cylindrical object making

Web Links:

3D animation on drilling process
3D animation on Lathe operation
3D animation on Milling operations

Session 19

* PRACTICE - Facing and turning on dia 32mm. cylindrical mildsteel.

Session 20

* PRACTICE - Face milling and side milling on 50*50*10mm. ms slab.

Session 21

* DEMO - Wood working tools, machines, processes will be demonstrated with their uses.

Web Links:

Wood working tools and machinery

Session 22

* PRACTICE - Dovetail joint preparation using 2 flat wooden blocks.

Session 23, 24

* PRACTICE - Different angle cutting and profile cutting using advance wood working machines

Session 25

* PRACTICE - Different joints preparation using advance wood working machines

Session 26 - 30

* Project Work

Case Studies

Case Studies

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