Medicinal Chemistry-I


Biswajit Samantaray


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Course Name : Medicinal Chemistry-I

Code(Credit) : CUTM1572(0-2-0)

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course the student shall be able to

  1. Understand the chemistry of drugs with respect to their pharmacological activity
  2. Understand the drug metabolic pathways, adverse effect and therapeutic value of drugs
  3. Know the Structural Activity Relationship (SAR) of different class of drugs
  4. Write the chemical synthesis of some drugs

Learning Outcomes

This subject is designed to impart fundamental knowledge on the structure, chemistry and therapeutic value of drugs. The subject emphasizes on structure activity relationships of drugs, importance of physicochemical properties and metabolism of drugs. The syllabus also emphasizes on chemical synthesis of important drugs under each class.

Course Syllabus

I Preparation of drugs/ intermediates
1 1,3-pyrazole
2 1,3-oxazole
3 Benzimidazole
4 Benztriazole
5 2,3- diphenyl quinoxaline
6 Benzocaine
7 Phenytoin
8 Phenothiazine
9 Barbiturate
II Assay of drugs
1 Chlorpromazine
2 Phenobarbitone
3 Atropine
4 Ibuprofen
5 Aspirin
6 Furosemide
III Determination of Partition coefficient for any two drugs

Session Plan

Experiment 1

Preparation of drugs/ intermediates of Benzimidazole.


Experiment 2

Experiment 3

Preparation of Benzocaine


Experiment 4

Preparation of Phenytoin


Experiment 5

Preparation of Phenothiazine


Experiment 6

Preparation of Barbituric acid

6.barbuturic acid

Experiment 7

Assay of Chlorpromazine


Experiment 8

Assay of Phenobarbitone


Experiment 9

Assay of Atropine


Experiment 10

Assay of Ibuprofen


Experiment 11

Assay of Furosemide


Experiment 12

Determination of Partition coefficient of drug

12.partitionn coefficient1

Experiment 13

Determination of Partition coefficient of drug

13.partition coefficient2

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