Pharmacology II practical


Mrs. Prachi Rani Sahu


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Course Name : Pharmacology II (Practical)

Code(Credit) : BPHL3102(0-4-0)

Course Objectives

  • This subject is intended to impart the effects of different drugs on animals.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to
1. Demonstrate isolation of different organs/tissues from the laboratory animals by
simulated experiments
2. Correlation of pharmacology with related medical sciences

Course Syllabus

1. Introduction to in-vitro pharmacology and physiological salt solutions.
2. Effect of drugs on isolated frog heart.
3. Effect of drugs on blood pressure and heart rate of dog.
4. Study of diuretic activity of drugs using rats/mice.
5. DRC of acetylcholine using frog rectus abdominis muscle.
6. Effect of physostigmine and atropine on DRC of acetylcholine using frog rectus
abdominis muscle and rat ileum respectively.
7. Bioassay of histamine using guinea pig ileum by matching method.
8. Bioassay of oxytocin using rat uterine horn by interpolation method.
9. Bioassay of serotonin using rat fundus strip by three point bioassay.
10. Bioassay of acetylcholine using rat ileum/colon by four point bioassay.
11. Determination of PA 2 value of prazosin using rat anococcygeus muscle (by
Schilds plot method).
12. Determination of PD 2 value using guinea pig ileum.
13. Effect of spasmogens and spasmolytics using rabbit jejunum.
14. Anti-inflammatory activity of drugs using carrageenan induced paw-edema
15. Analgesic activity of drug using central and peripheral methods
Note: All laboratory techniques and animal experiments are demonstrated by simulated
experiments by softwares and videos
Recommended Books
1. Rang H. P., Dale M. M., Ritter J. M., Flower R. J., Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology,
Churchil Livingstone Elsevier
2. Katzung B. G., Masters S. B., Trevor A. J., Basic and clinical pharmacology, Tata Mc
3. Goodman and Gilman’s, The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics
4. Marry Anne K. K., Lloyd Yee Y., Brian K. A., Robbin L.C., Joseph G. B., Wayne A.
K., Bradley R.W., Applied Therapeutics, The Clinical use of Drugs, The Point
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
5. Mycek M.J, Gelnet S.B and Perper M.M. Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews-
6. K.D.Tripathi. Essentials of Medical Pharmacology, , JAYPEE Brothers Medical
Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi.
7. Sharma H. L., Sharma K. K., Principles of Pharmacology, Paras medical publisher
8. Modern Pharmacology with clinical Applications, by Charles R.Craig& Robert.
9. Ghosh MN. Fundamentals of Experimental Pharmacology. Hilton & Company,
10. Kulkarni SK. Handbook of experimental pharmacology. Vallabh Prakashan.


Introduction to in vivo Pharmacology

Introduction to in vivo pharmacology



Preparation of Physiological Salt Solution

physiological salt solution


DRC of acetyl choline using frog rectus abdominus  muscle

DRC of Acetyl choline


DRC of Epinephrine using frog rectus abdominus  muscle


DRC of Propanolol using frog rectus abdominus  muscle


Effect of cilliary motility


Myotic effect on rabbit eye


Effect of drug on Blood Pressure and Heart rate


Bio Assay of Histamine

Session 2

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Case Studies

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