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Course name: Poultry Farming


Course code: (0-0-0)

Course objectives

  • To see and practice the paths that lead to the success of any entrepreneurship on live animals and birds.
  • To develop the knowledge of poultry in an operational farm for more profit management, feed requirements, etc.
  • To make the participants/ professionals well versed in their practical skills starting from hatching of chicks to the egg production stage.

Learning outcomes

  • This course will enlighten the farmers/ students about the operation of livestock and poultry farming.
  • Learning of poultry farming will generate a source of employment opportunities in rural areas and employment to the farmers.

Course Syllabus


Module 1: Introduction 

Current status of poultry farming.

Challenges and opportunities

Module 2: Types of Poultry farming

Different types of poultry

Raising chicken in farm

Module 3: Management of poultry

The layout of Poultry houses

Housing, cleaning and space management

Module 4: Feeding of Poultry

Poultry feed classification and principles of feeding

Feed additives and supplements

Module 5: Poultry Health management

Poultry diseases and their management



Identification of poultry birds

Poultry farm layout planning

Feed preparation for poultry birds

Session 1

Current status of Poultry farming


Session 2

Challenges and oppurtunities


Session 3

Different Types of poultry farming


Session 4

Raising Chicken in farm


Session 6

Housing and cleaning of poultry houses


Session 7

Poultry feed classification and feeding principles

Session 8

Feed additives and supplements

Session 9

Poultry disease management


  1. Poultry Science and Practice - N. Ghosh
  2. Poultry production and management - J. Prasad

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