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Course Name : Principles of Genetics

Code(Credit) : CUTM1508(3-2-1)

Course Objectives

1.Genetics is offered as a core course that provides fundamental knowledge of inheritance and evolution of the concept of gene with study of genetic diseases.
2.This course provides an overview of genetics starting from the work of Mendel to the current understanding of various phenomena like recombination, transposition, sex determination and mutations.
3.Describe the mechanisms governing Mendelian inheritance, gene interactions and gene expression.

Learning Outcomes

The primary outcome of studying this course will be the gaining of knowledge of the basic principles of inheritance and knowledge of the principles of genetics is essential for a deeper understanding of the varied branches of the biological.Knowledge of the mechanisms of mutations and the causative agents will lead to an increase in an awareness of the students about the harmful impact of various chemicals and drugs being used in day to day life.Student Will be able to make a strategy to manipulate genetic structure of an organism for the improvement in any trait or its well being based on the techniques learned during this course.

Course Syllabus

Mendelian Genetics and its Extension: Principles of inheritance, Incomplete dominance and co-dominance, Multiple alleles, Lethal alleles, Epistasis, Pleiotropy, Sex-linked, sex-influenced and sex-limited characters inheritance.
Practice: 1 Study of genetics of mice.
Practice: 2 Chi-square analyses using seeds/beads/Drosophila.
Practice: 3 Study of genetics of chicken
Linkage, Crossing Over and Chromosomal Mapping: Linkage and crossing over, Cytological basis of crossing over, Molecular mechanisms of crossing over including models of recombination. Recombination frequency as a measure of linkage intensity, two factor and three factor crosses, Interference and coincidence, Somatic cell hybridization.
Practice:4 Linkage maps based on data from Drosophila crosses
Practice:5 Linkage maps based on data from Trihybrid cross
Module- III
Mutations:Types of chromosomal aberrations (Classification, figures and with one suitable example of each), Molecular basis of mutations in relation to UV light and chemical mutagens; Detection of mutations: CLB method, attached X method.
Practice:6 Morphological study of chromosome by squashing method.
Practice:7 Study on Karyotyping of human chromosome.
Practice:8 Study on chromosomal aberration.
Sex Determination: Genetic and environmental basis of sex determination; Chromosomal mechanisms of sex determination in Drosophila and Man.
Practice:9 Sex Determination: Genetic and environmental basis of sex determination
Practice:10 Pedigree analysis of some human inherited traits
Extra-chromosomal Inheritance. Criteria for extra-chromosomal inheritance, Antibiotic resistance in Chlamydomonas, Mitochondrial mutations in Saccharomyces, Infective heredity in Paramecium and Maternal effects.
Practice: 11 Linkage maps based on data from conjugation
Polygenic Inheritance: Polygenic inheritance with suitable examples; simple numericals based on it. Recombination in Bacteria and Viruses, Conjugation, Transformation, Bacteriophage, Transduction
Practice: 12 Study of Drosophilla under compound microscope.
Transposons:Complementation Test in Transposable Genetic Elements: Transposons in bacteria, Ac-Ds elements in maize and P elements In Drosophila, Transposons in humans.

Recommended books:

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Session 18

Recombination frequency as a measure of linkage intensity

Two point mapping

Session 28

UV light and chemical as mutagens

molecular basis of mutation


Session 39

Polygenic Inheritance: Polygenic inheritance with suitable examples; simple numericals based on it

Numerical examples

Polygenic inheritance

Session 43

Case Studies

Case Studies

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