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Dr. Mohammad Aamir Pasha


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Course Name : Print Media Production

Code(Credit) : CUTM1267(1-3-2)

Course Objectives

  • The paper aims at providing an understanding of the print media systems, its impacts on society and the methods and techniques of the content production along with the limitations of the medium.
  • This paper also provide practical knowledge about print production.

Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the course students will get an understanding of overall knowledge of print media.
  • They will understand the all process of print media production.
  • The paper will enable students to develop their skills in Print Media.

Course Syllabus

Module - I
Trends in Print Journalism
Agenda setting role of newspapers- Ownership, Revenue, Editorial policy,
Citizen Journalism, Investigative journalism
Sting operations and Celebrity/ Page 3 journalism.
Ethical debates in print journalism - Paid news, Advertorials


Module - II
Specialised Reporting
Business, Parliamentary, Agriculture /Rural, International Affairs, Entertainment


Module - III
Production of a Newspaper
Planning for print : size, anatomy, grid, design
Format, typography, copy, pictures, advertisements
Plotting text: headlines, editing pictures, captions
Page-making : Front page, Editorial page, Supplements

Module - IV
Technology and Print
Technology and Page making techniques: layout, use of graphics and
Printing Processes: Traditional vs modern
Desk Top Publishing : Quark Express, Coral Draw, Photoshop etc
The Invention of the Printing Press


Kamath, M.V. Professional Journalism, Vikas Publications
Goodwin, Eugene H. Groping for ethics in Journalism, Iowa State Press
Hough, George A. News Writing, Kanishka Publishers, New Delhi (1998)
Hodgson F. W. Modern Newspapers practice, Heinemann London, 1984.
Sarkar, N.N. Principles of Art and Production, Oxford University Press
Stuart Allan, Journalism: Critical Issues, Open University Press
Communication in History: Technology, Culture, Society: David Crowley, Paul Heyer-Pearson
History of Indian Journalism by J Natarajan
A History of Communications: Media and Society from the Evolution of Speech to the Internet by Marshall T. Poe

Session Plan

Session 1



Session 2



Session 3

Agenda setting role of newspapers- Ownership, Revenue, Editorial policy,
How Newspapers Earn Money
Warren Buffett explains the print newspaper industry



Session 4

Editorial Policy of Newspaper
Editorial Page
Editorial Page in Newspaper



Session 5

Citizen Journalism
Citizen Journalism - PPT



Session 6

Project: Students will submit an assignment on Citizen Journalism in India and its impact



Session 7

Citizen Journalism: Types and Scenario
Role and Scope of Citizen Journalism - I
Citizen Journalism (Odia)




Session 8, 9 & 10

Practice: Students will work on the report as a citizen journalist
How To Shoot and Use Citizen Journalism Content



Session 11

Investigative Journalism
What Is Investigative Journalism?



Session 12 & 13

Challenges of Investigative Journalism
Global Shining Light Winner: Rana Ayyub



Session 14 & 15

Investigative Journalism
Investigative Journalism
Investigative Jounalism (PPT)



Session 16

Citizen Journalism vs Investigative Journalism



Session 17



Session 18

Types of Journalism
Types of Journalism



Session 19



Session 20



Session 21



Session 22

Types of Reporting



Session 23

Elements of News



Session 24

Types of Reporting
Types of Reporting



Session 25



Session 26



Session 27

Rural Reporting



Session 28

Reporting International Affairs



Session 29



Session 30, 31, 32 & 33

Practice: Students will practice report of different beat.



Session 34 & 35

Project: Students will submit an assignment on reporting of different beat



Session 36

Production of Newspaper
Newspaper Production and Process
Front Page



Session 37 & 38

Planning for Print: Size, Anatomy, Grid, Design



Session 39 & 40



Session 41 & 42

Practice: In this session, students will work on advertisement in print media



Session 43 & 44

Practice: In this session, students will work on newspaper design



Session 45 & 46

Practice: In this session, students will work on a newspaper headline



Session 47 & 48

Practice: In this practice session students will work on newspaper article



Session 49 & 50

Practice: In this session, students will practice different types of photo captions



Session 51

Practice: Newspaper Page making



Session 52

Practice: Students will work on newspaper layout



Session 53

Different types of news. Investigative and interpretative reporting.
Investigating and Interpretative Reporting



Session 54



Session 55

Printing Process (history)



Session 56, 57, 58, 59 & 60

Project: Students will design newspaper

Case Studies

Case Studies : Click Here

Case Studies

Case Studies: Click Here

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Dr. Mohammad Aamir Pasha is working as Assistant Professor in the School of Media & Communication, Centurion University of Technology and Management, Paralakhemundi Campus, Odisha. He has completed M.Phil. from MGAHV, Wardha, Maharashtra, and Ph. D. from Central University of Odisha, India. He has awarded with JRF-MANF Fellowship from Govt. of India for pursuing Ph. […]