Problematic Soils and Their Management


Dr. Arunabha Pal


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Course Name : Problematic Soils and Their Management

Code(Credit) : ASSC-3103(1-1-0)

Course Objectives

  • To know about the soil and different problem occur during cultivation. How to identify the problem and what are the reclamation method requires improving the soil health.Students learn practically about the identification of problem soil and learn different method to improve soil fertility, that necessary to improve the yield.

Learning Outcomes

  • The students get knowledge about different kind of problem soil in India and there characteristics
    The students will understand how to control or improve the soil fertility.
    The students gain practical knowledge of laboratory to test the problem soil.

Course Syllabus


Unit: I
Soil quality and health, Distribution of Waste land and problem soils in India. Their categorization based on properties. Reclamation and management of Saline and sodic soils, Acid soils, Acid Sulphate soils, Eroded and Compacted soils, Flooded soils, Polluted soils.

Unit: II
Irrigation water – quality and standards, utilization of saline water in agriculture. Remote sensing and GIS in diagnosis and management of problem soils.

Unit: II
Multipurpose tree species, bio remediation through MPTs of soils, land capability and classification, land suitability classification. Problematic soils under different Agroeco systems.


Field identification of problem soils.Determination of soil pH, EC, gypsum requirement of alkali soils, lime requirement of acid soils, calcium carbonate content in soils, Water quality assessment (pH, Ec, alkalinity, chlorides, SAR, RSC).


1. Fundamentals of Soil Science. IARI, New Delhi
2. Text book of Soil Science. Tata McGraw- Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi.
3. Introductory Soil Science. Kalyani Publishers
4. Soil chemical analysis, Prentice Hall of India Private Limited, New Delhi.

Session Plan for Theory

Session 1

Problem soils –Definition – Different types of problematic soils – Extent and distribution of problematic and wastelands soils in different agro-eco systems and in Odisha.

Problem Soil_Lecture No -1

Problem Soil_ Video

Session 2

Salt affected soils – Origin and formation - Distribution of salt affected soils in India and Odisha - Characteristic features of saline, sodic and saline – sodic soils

Salt Affected Soil_Lecture No - 2
Salt Affected Soil_Video

Session 3

Saline soils – Visual symptoms for identification of saline soils – Build up of salinity - Effect of salinity on plant growth and nutrient availability - Reclamation and management.

Saline Soil_ Lecture No - 3
Salt Affected Soil_Video

Session 4

Sodic soils - Visual symptoms for identification of sodic soils - Effect of sodicity on plant growth and nutrient availability - Reclamation and management.

Sodic Soil_Lecture No -4

Sodic Soil_Video

Session 5

Acid soils – Extent of area in India and Odisha – Formation - Characteristics of acid soils – Sources of soil acidity – nutrient limitations and toxicity – Reclamation of acid soils -

Acid Soil_Lecture No - 5
Acid Soil_Video
Acid Soil_Video II

Session 6

Acid sulphate soils – Origin – Types – Characterization - Constraints and management.

Acid Sulfate Soil_Lecture No -6
Acid Sulfate Soil_Video

Session 7

Land degradation - Eroded, compacted, flooded and water logged soils – Biologically sick soils – Effects on plant growth – Management.

Eroded Soil_Lecture No - 7
Waterlogged Soil_Lecture No-7

Land Degradation_Video

Session 8

Polluted soils – Definition – Sources of pollution – Bio solid wastes –Industrial effluents (distillery, paper mill, tannery, textiles industrial effluents) – Mechanism of interaction of wastes with soil.

Soil Pollution_Lecture No - 8
Soil Pollution_Video

Session 9

Soil pollution - Potentially toxic elements - Excessive use of fertilizers, pesticides and weedicides – Heavy metal contamination – Management.

Soil Pollution_Lecture No -9
Soil Pollution_Video

Session 10

Bio-remediation of problem soils through Multi Purpose Tree Species.

Bio-remediation of Problem Soil_Lecture No-10
Bio remediation_Video

Session 11

Taxonomic classification of soils - Land Capability Classification.

Land Capability_Lecture No - 11

Land Capability video

Session 12

Land suitability classification - Index – Criteria - Different approaches – Land suitability for different crops.

Land Sutability_Lecture No - 12

Land Suitability video

Session 13

Remote Sensing and GIS techniques in diagnosis, mapping and management of degraded and problematic soils.

Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques_Lecture No-13

Remote Sensing_Video
Remote Sensing in Agriculture_Video

Session 14

Soil health and quality – Definition - Concepts – Soil resilience – Factors affecting soil quality (Physical, chemical and biological) – Assessment of soil quality - Management

Soil Health & Quality_Lecture No - 14
Soil Quality_Video

Session 15

Irrigation water – Quality and standard parameters - Classification based on ICAR, CSSRI and USDA criteria.

Quality of Irrigation Water_Lecture-15

Quality of irrigation water video

Session 16

Guidelines for judging quality of water - Utilzation of saline water in agriculture.

Utilization of Saline Water in Agriculture_Lecture No-16

Utilization of saline water video

Session 17

Field identification of problematic soils and visit to degraded lands.

Identification of physical problems of soils

Identification of problem soil video

Session 20

Session 21

Determination of pH, ECe of acid, saline and sodic soils.

Determination of EC
Determination of pH

Determination of pH_Video
Determination of EC_Video

Session 22

Determination of ESP of sodic soils.

ESP in sodic soil video

Session 25

Determination of lime content (CaCO3) of cacarious soil.

Determination of calcium carbonate content in calcareous soils

Calcareous soil video

Session 26

Determination of pH and EC of saline, sodic and good quality irrigation water.

Water quality assessment (pH, EC, alkalinity)


Session 30

Session 31

Computation of quality class, RSC and SAR of irrigation water.

Computation of RSC and SAR of irrigation water

RSC and SAR determination video

Session 32

Evaluation and interpretation of analytical data of problematic soils and suggesting.

Problem Soil Video

E- Material of Problematic Soil and Their Management

E- Material of Problematic Soil and Their Mangement

Practical Manual Of Problematic Soil and Their Managent

Practical Manual Of Problematic Soil and Their Management

MCQ-Problematic soil and Their Management

MCQ-Problematic soil and Their Management

Question bank Problematic soil and Their Management

Question bank Problematic soil and Their Management

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