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Course Name : Product Design & Development

Code(Credit) :           (1-1-0)

Course Objectives

  • Understand modern product development processes.
  • Understand and explain the concept of Industrial design and robust design concepts.
  • Understand the concept of Design for manufacture and assembly.
  • Understand the legal factors, social issues, engineering ethics related to product design

Learning Outcomes

  • Prepare primary designs taking into consideration all relevant ergonomics and aesthetic aspects of the product.

Course Syllabus

Module I: Introduction                                                                                                       2 (hrs)

Introduction to product design, Morphology of design, Modern product development process, Innovative thinking

 Module II: Conceptual Design                                                                                              3 (hrs)

Generation, Selection and embodiment of concept, Product Architecture

Practice 1: Concept Design using 3D Experience  Platform

Module III: Industrial Design                                                                                               5 (hrs)

Process and need, Robust design concepts: Taguchi Design and DOE, case studies on various robust design concepts

Practice 2: Failure Analysis through Simulia - Structural Analysis,

Practice  3: Thermal Analysis using Simulia

Module IV: Design Optimization                                                                                         3 (hrs)

Optimization using 3D Experience- Function Generative Design

Practice  4: Shape Optimization using 3D Experience

Module V: Design for Manufacturing & Assembly                                                           3 (hrs)

Methods, Design for Maintainability, Designs for Environment, Product costing

Practice  5: Assembly Design Review using 3D Experience

Module VI: Value Engineering & Analysis                                                                        3 (hrs)

Definition, Methodology  & Case Studies, Economic analysis: Qualitative & Quantitative

 Module VII: Ergonomics & Aesthetics                                                                              3 (hrs)

Gross human autonomy, Anthropometry, Man-Machine interaction, Concepts of size and texture, color,  Comfort criteria, Psychological & Physiological Considerations

Practice  6 : Human Ergonomics using 3D Experience

Text Books:

  1. Engineering Design , George E.Dieter, Fourth Edition, McGraw Hill
  2. Chitale, A K, Product Design & Manufacturing, 2013, 6th Edition, PHI publication, India

Reference Books/ Material :

  1. Dassault Systemes Companion Learning Space Material on Product Design
  2. Dassault Systemes Companion Learning Space Material on Function Generative Design
  3. Dassault Systemes Companion Learning Space Material on Virtual Ergonomics Simulation Fundamentals- Delmia Ergonomics at Work

Session Plan

Session 1

Product Design & Development    


Morphology of Design                      



Modern Product Development      

What is Innovation                          

Session 3

Concept Generation                            

Concept Modeling using 3D Experience

Session -4

Practice Session on Concept Generation using 3D Experience Natural Shape

Session -5

Robust Design                                  

Design of Experiments                   


Structural Analysis using Simulia                             

Practice Session on Structural Analysis using Simulia


Thermal Analysis using Simulia                       

Practice Session on Thermal Analysis using Simulia

Session -8

Shape Optimization using 3D Experience

Practice Session on Functional  Generative Design

Session -9

Design for Manufacturing                       


Assembly Design Review using 3D Experience


Value Engineering

Value Analysis                                          



Ergonomics Design using 3D Experience

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