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AECC : BBAR1201(1-1-0)

Course Objectives

To understand reading skills, develop writing skills, and transition from Reading To Writing skills.

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Understanding Reading Skills
Reading Skills: Concept and sub-skills of reading, Mechanics of Reading Skills,
Reading Speed , Practice on the Development of Reading Skills
Unit 2 : Developing Writing Skills
Writing Skills: Concept and Process Writing , Paragraph Writing , Slogan Writing,
Letter Writing , Report Writing, Proposal Writing
Unit 3: From Reading to Writing Skills
Reading Newspapers to Writing Letters to the Editors, Reading Business Case Studies
to Writing Precis/E-mails, Reading Novels to writing book reviews
Books Recommended:
1 An Introduction to Professional English and soft skills by B.K Das et al., Cambridge University
2 Communicative English For Engineers And Professionals, Bhatnagar Nitin
3 English for Business Studies Student's Book: A Course for Business Studies, By Ian MacKenzie

Session Plan

Session 1



Session 2

Sub Skills Of Reading:

Concept of Sub skills Of Reading

Session 3

Session 4

Development of Reading Skills:

Practice on development of reading skills

Session 5

Activity :


Practical Exercise:


Session 6

Developing Writing Skills:

Concept and Process Writing

Session 7

Paragraph Writing:

Skills of paragraph writing:

Session 8

Slogan Writing:

Skills Of Slogan Writing

Session 9:

Letter Writing and Report Writing:

Types of letter writing and report writing,skills

Session 10

Proposal Writing:

Concept and skills of proposal writing

Session 11

Practical Exercise:


Session 12

From reading to writing skills:

Reading Newspaper

Session 13

From reading to writing skills:

Reading Newspaper

Session 14

Writing letter:

Writing Letter to a Editor

Session 15

Reading Business  Case Studies:

Reading Business Case studies to write Business Precise Emails

Session 16:

Reading Novels

Reading Novels to write review on the book

Session 17:

Doubt Clearing Class

Session 18:

Doubt Clearing Class

Session 19:

Doubt Clearing Class

Session 20:

Doubt Clearing Class

Our Main Teachers

My qualification is M.Com,LL.B,MBA,CAIIB(certified Indian Institute of Bankers). I started my career as  a Lecturer in commerce (UGC PAY),appointed by  DPI (HE) Odisha   in 1978.I  opted for Probationary officer in 1982.I started my career  as a  national Faculty  of NIIT  in 2012 imparting training  to Bank officers  PAN India  both Retail and Corporate. I joined […]