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Satellite Data Processing

Satellite Data Processing


Kamal Kumar Barik


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Course Name : Satellite Data Processing

Code(Credit) : SFS (0-2-2)

Course Objectives

  • • To teach Basic Principles of Remote Sensing and understand the current remote sensing system, Digital Image processing and Integration.
  • • To known different satellite and its application

Learning Outcomes

  • • Students will gain knowledge of basic concepts of remote sensing.
  • • Students will gain knowledge of applications of different satellite imagery, image classification techniques and image analysis and interpretation.

Course Syllabus


1. Installation of Image Processing software’s

2. How to download Satellite data from Earth Explorer / GLOVIS / Bhuvan

3. Different satellite / Sensor and its Product

4. Layer stacking, Metadata information, LUT, Histogram, Band Information,

5. Creation of FCCs, TCC, Subset image using Polygon, Inquiry box , Area of Interest (AOI)

6. Visual Image Interpretation, Different Image Format

7. Spectral Signature of Vegetation, Clear water body, Turbidity water, Soil.

8. Geometric Correction

9. Atmospheric Correction

10. Radiometric Correction

11. Projection and Mosaic the satellite Image

12. Import and Export satellite data, Raster to Vector and Vector to Raster conversion

13. Supervised and Unsupervised classification, PCA

14. Accuracy assessment

15. Digital Elevation Model and its application



1. Land use and Land Cover Dynamics study using Multi-temporal satellite data.

2. Water Index study

3. Biomass Estimation

4. Mapping Forest Types using temporal Multi sensors data

5. Hydrological Modelling and Flood Hazard Assessment

6. Flood inundation mapping using remote sensing data-A Case Study

7. Soil Erosion Risk Assessment using RS and GIS

8. Spatio-temporal variation of heat stress index in Khurdha District

9. Forest Fire vulnerability modeling

10 Integration of Remote Sensing with Geophysical Techniques for Ground Water Exploration

11. Detection and mapping of sea grass using satellite imagery

12. Remote Sensing Based Reservoir Sedimentation Assessment

13. Crop inventory & cropping pattern analysis, Using Remote sensing data

14. Phytoplankton Size distribution using MODIS satellite data

15. Shoreline Dynamics using Multi-Temporal satellite data

Session Plan

1. Installation of Image Processing Software

2. How to download satellite images from usgs website


4. Natural Color - Convert Images from False Color Composite (FCC) to Natural Color in ERDAS Imagine


6. Geometric Correction Process (Image to Image)

7. Mosaicing Satellite Imagery

8. Reprojection


10. Supervised Classification

11. Accuracy Assessment

12. Unsupervised Classification

13. DEM Generation

14. Generate Contours from Digital Elevation Model

15. Image Fusion



  1. Kang-tsung Chang : Introduction to GIS , Tata McGRAW-HILL Publication
  2. Remote sensing & GIS, B.Bhatta, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS.
  3. Remote sensing & Image interpretation, THOMAS M. LILLESAND

Our Main Teachers

Dr. Kamal Kumar Barik is presently working as Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, CUTM, Bhubaneswar Campus. He did his Ph.D. at SRM University, Chennai in the field of Remote Sensing and GIS. He has been more than 8 years of teaching experience at Post Graduate level (M.Sc. and M.Tech.). Previously he was served as […]