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Jitendra Pramanik


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Course Name :SKILL- SBC Based System Design

Code (Credit) : DIFC0213 (0-3-1)

Course Objectives

  • To learn how to setup Arduino environment and write programming codes for Arduino and other SBCs
  • To learn how to design and assemble simple embedded system circuits around the Arduino as an SBC to implement simple practical functions
  • To learn how to develop simple SBC based embedded system prototypes by themselves by transforming the real-life requirement
  • To learn and understand functioning of various sensors and actuators 
  • To learn how to integrate them to design practical solutions to meet Internet of Things (IoT) objectives using SBCs

Learning Outcomes

  • To build confident programming skill in developing code for SBCs using Arduino Environment
  • To build preliminary prototyping skill to implement real-life functions using circuits on breadboards
  • To understand and experiment implementation of data communication between SBCs and other peripheral devices (sensors, actuators and other SBCs) using Arduino Environment
  • To build automation projects to solve real world problems

Course Syllabus


  • Overview of Arduino Boards, features & Pin-out
  • Programming Basics Arduino IDE Familiarization, Arduino Program Architecture
  • LED Projects: LED blink Program, Simple Pattern of LED, Complex Pattern of LED, Controlling LED with PWM.
  • Working with screens: Program to interface LCD (16x2) with Arduino
  • Interfacing of Light Sensor (LDR)
  • Sensor interfacing: Temperature sensor (DHT11/LM35), Interfacing MQ sensors
  • Relay Module interfacing with Uno
  • Interfacing IR Module, PIR Module, Ultrasonic sensor interfacing
  • Working with motors: Interfacing of DC motor, Servo Motor
  • Interfacing 4*4 matrix keypad
  • Interfacing HC05 with Arduino Uno
  • RF Module Interfacing with Arduino
  • SD card interfacing with Arduino
  • Build an ESP8266 Web Server with Arduino
  • Send data to cloud: Interfacing ESP8266 with Arduino, connecting Arduino and ThingSpeak Server


  • Data Logger with Temperature Sensor and LDR
  • Home Automation using RF module
  • Arduino Color Sorter
  • Arduino Robot Car
  • Arduino based Self-Stabilizing Platform,
  • RFID Access Control System,
  • Gesture Based Automation
  • Sensor based Air Quality Monitoring  system
  • Environment Monitoring Monitoring  system
  • Gesture Based Automation
  • Patient Monitoring System
  • Web controlled Home Automation
  • IoT based Battery Monitoring System
  • Smart Weighing Machine for Remote Weight Measurement and Monitoring
  • IoT based Smart Energy Meter using NodeMCU ESP8266

Session Plan

Session 1

Overview of Arduino Boards, features & Pin-out

LECTURE: Briefing about application and efficiency of Arduino boards, Exposing them towards pinout of different of Arduino Uno boards.

PRACTICE: Quiz and discussion



What is Arduino UNO ?

Arduino for Beginners

Session 2

Programming Basics Arduino IDE Familiarization, Arduino Program Architecture.

DEMO: About fundamentals of Arduino IDE, Installation of Arduino IDE, Adding libraries to Uno IDE.

PRACTICE: Writing the first program and uploading the sketch to Arduino.


Installing Arduino IDE

Arduino Program structure

Built in examples

Session 3

LED Projects: LED blink Program, Simple Pattern of LED, Complex Pattern of LED.

DEMO: Interfacing an LED with Arduino board

PRACTICE: Designing a traffic light controller.


Blinking LED with Arduino

Push Button and LED control with the Arduino

Arduino : blinking LED

Arduino Traffic Light

Session 4

Interfacing LED with PWM: Understanding PWM, generating PWM using Uno.

DEMO: Generating PWM signal using Uno through program

PRACTICE: Arduino Based LED Dimmer using PWM




PWM in Arudino

Arduino PWM

LED Dimmer using PWM

Session 5

Working with screens: Program to interface LCD (16x2) with Arduino

DEMO: Understanding of LCD & its pin-out, Hardware Interfacing of LCD with Uno , adding library to Uno IDE.

PRACTICE: Display simple string on LCD, Displaying personal data on LCD using Uno



Connect an I2C Lcd Display to an Arduino Uno

16x2 LCD with Arduino

I2C LCD to Arduino Uno

Session 6

Interim Project Review- I

Session 7

Interfacing of Light Sensor(LDR) with Arduino Uno

DEMO: Interfacing of LDR with UNO

PRACTICE: LED control using LDR



LED control with LDR

LDR with Arduino

On & Off Led using LDR

Session 8

Sensor interfacing: Temperature sensor (DHT11/LM35) with Arduino

DEMO: On working principle of DHT11 and LM35 , interfacing DHT11 & LM 35 with the Uno board

PRACTICE: Displaying Temperature & Humidity data on LCD



LM35 Temperature Sensor with Arduino Uno

DHT11 interfacing with Arduino

LM35 interfacing with Uno

Session 9

Interfacing MQ sensors with Arduino

DEMO: Briefing about working of MQ sensors, Interfacing MQ135/MQ7/MQ2 with the Uno board

PRACTICE: Displaying MQ sesnor data on LCD , Designing security alarm for gas/smoke leakage



MQ2 interfacing with Arduino

Smoke detection using Arduino

Smoke detection using Uno

Session 10

Relay Module interfacing with Arduino

DEMO: On  interfacing relay modules with Uno

PRACTICE: Light control using Relay, Light control using LDR & Relay



Relay with Arduino

Light control with relay and LDR using Arduino

Light controller circuit using Uno

Session 11

Interfacing IR Module, PIR Module with Arduino

DEMO: On working and interfacing of IR & PIR sensor

PRACTICE: Light control with PIR using Arduino, Motion Detection Alarm



Interface IR Sensor With Arduino

Arduino with PIR Motion Sensor |

PIR with Uno

Session 12

Flex sensor interfacing with Arduino

DEMO: On working and interfacing of flex sensor with Arduino

PRACTICE: Light control with flex sensor using  Arduino



Flex Sensor

Flex Sensor with Arduino

Session 13

Interim Project Review-II

Session 14

Ultrasonic sensor interfacing with Arduino

DEMO: On working of ultrasonic sensor, its pinout and interfacing with Uno, adding library to Uno IDE

PRACTICE: Distance finder



Ultrasonic Sensor with Arduino

HCSR04 with Arduino

Session 15

Interfacing Pressure Sensor BMP180 with Arduino

DEMO: Working of BMP180, connecting the BMP180 to the Arduino, installing BMP180 library

PRACTICE: Displaying temperature and pressure data from BMP180 on LCD using Arduino.



Test of BMP180

BMP180 Interfacing with Arduino Uno

BMP180 Sensor on an Arduino

Session 16

Working with motors: Interfacing of DC motor, Servo Motor with Arduino

DEMO: On interfacing DC Motor & Servo motor  with Arduino Uno

PRACTICE: Speed control of DC motor using PWM



DC motor interfacing with Arduino

Servo Motor Control with Arduino

DC motor control using Uno

Session 17

Interfacing 4*4 matrix keypad

DEMO: On working of keypad, how to setup a keypad on Arduino

PRACTICE: Designing a security system



Arduino with 4x4 Matrix Keypad

Keypad setup with Arduino

Session 18

Interim Project Review-III

Session 19

Interfacing HC05with Arduino

DEMO: Setup HC05 with AT commands,  Interfacing it with Uno

PRACTICE: Light Control using HC05 using Arduino



Arduino with HC05 Module

Arduno with HC05

Session 20

RF Module Interfacing with Arduino

DEMO: Understanding the working of Encoder & Decoder IC and its pinout, interfacing RF module with Uno.

PRACTICE: RF module based Electric Switching System




RF module with Arduino

Arduino and RF Transmitter Receiver Module

Session 21

SD card interfacing with Arduino

DEMO: On pin out of SD card module. Adding Library to Uno IDE and interfacing  SD card with Uno

PRACTICE: Arduino Data Logging



Arduino with SD card module

Arduino SD Card and Data Logging

SD Card Interfacing with Arduino

Session 22

Interim Project  Review-IV

Session 23

Interfacing ESP8266 with Arduino

DEMO: Understanding the pinout of ESP8266 and its connection with Uno, Testing ESP8266 interface with Uno using AT commands, setting up ThingSpeak.

PRACTICE:  Uploading data into ThingSpeak using Arduino.



Arduino UNO with ESP8266

Using the ESP8266 WiFi Module with Arduino

Session 24

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring over ThingSpeak using Arduino UNO and ESP8266

PRACTICE:  Writing program to upload the temperature and humidity data from DHt11 sensor into ThingSpeak using Arduino and ESP8266.



Sensors Data To ThingSpeak by using Arduino and ESP8266

Sensor data monitoring over ThingSpeak using Arduino

Session 25

IoT Based Food Monitoring System

PRACTICE: Building a Food Monitoring device using NodeMCU  or Arduino with ESP8266 and Arduino IDE, to monitor the temperature and humidity of the stored environment.



Detection of Food spoiling

Food Monitoring System

Session 26

Smart Irrigation System

PRACTICE: Building smart irrigation system using soil moisture sensor with NodeMCU or Arduino with ESP8266 and send the datto ThingSpeak Server.



Water irrigation system using Soil Moisture Sensor

Smart Irrigation System Project Using IoT

IoT based Smart Irrigation System using NodeMCU ESP8266

Session 27

Build an ESP8266 Web Server with Arduino

PRACTICE: Building an web server with Arduino Uno and ESP8266 or NodeMCU



ESP32 DHT11/DHT22 Asynchronous Web Server

Build an ESP8266 Web Server with Arduino

Temperature and Humidity Web Server with Arduino UNO

Session 28

Interim Project Review-V

Session 29

Final Project review

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