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Skill Course: Seed Production

Skill Course: Seed Production


Dr. Prabhat Kumar Singh


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Course Title : Seed Production

Course Credits ( T-P-P): 4 credits (0-4-0)

Course Objective(s):


To impart knowledge regarding principles of seed production

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course, students will  be able to enrich their Experiential Learning on

  • Seed production of different crops

  • Seed processing, storage and sell of produced seed

Course Syllabus:

  1. Selection of suitable areas/locations, seed/planting material for quality seed production
  2. Practice on seed production of cereal crops
  3. Practice on seed production of vegetable crops
  4. General procedure of seed certification
  5. Identification of weed and other crop seeds as per specific crops
  6. Field inspection at different stages of a crop and observations recorded
  7. Inspection and sampling at harvesting/threshing for seed law enforcement
  8. Sampling methods and seed quality test
  9. Varietal Identification through Grow Out Test and Electrophoresis
  10. Different methods of seed extraction
  11. Learn the seed sampling methods
  12. Seed testing: physical purity and moisture test
  13. Seed testing: germination and vigour test
  14. Seed testing: viability test
  15. Learn the machines of seed processing
  16. Visit to seed processing unit
  17. control measures for stored grain disease and pest
  18. Visit to Seed storage unit
  19. Seed marketing: structure and organization and pricing policy
  20. Visit to seed production farms, seed testing laboratories and seed processing unit.

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On the surface, Dr. Prabhat Kumar Singh is an accomplished Assistant Professor in Genetics and Plant Breeding, MSSSoA, CUTM, Paralakhemundi, Odisha with more than 3 years of experience in teaching and research. During the PG and PhD programme, Dr. Singh worked on Mutation breeding in tuberose and grasspea respectively. As a result of dissertation work […]