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Course Name : SKILL- Apparel Production & Marketing /IE

Code(Credit) : (0-3-1)

Course Objectives

  1. Understand the organization and structure of the global textile/apparel complex.
  2. Develop textile/apparel products for specific target markets to meet expectations for cost and quality (materials, performance, and aesthetics).
  3. Demonstrate effective leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.
  4. Plan, develop, and present merchandise lines for identified market segments.
  5. Understand the basic decision-making, production, and creative processes involved in the conversion of materials to finished textile/apparel products.
  6. Complying to the industry specifications, guidelines and safety standards during work.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Examining the buyer requirement, understanding and communicating them to the specific departments and exhibiting the product to the buyers they need.
  2. Confirming the quality during production as well as ensuring timely delivery of an order.
  3. Developing a time and action (TNA) calendar for completing the schedules of various activities like cutting, sewing, finishing, dispatch etc. The WIP (work in progress) and the status of the order have to be monitored by the merchandisers regularly.
  4. Coordinating and tracking the sourcing activities and confirming that all the raw materials and accessories are delivered on time.
  5. Follow-up of post shipment activities to keep a long-term relationship with the buyer.
  6. Accompanying the buyers on visits to manufacturers to understand production processes.
  7. Meeting with suppliers for negotiating the cost and handling of stocks.
  8. Ascertaining the difficulties related to production and supply of an order and dealing with it when they occur.
  9. A preproduction meeting (PPM) is held among staff in the garment industry to discuss the style, trims, construction etc. if there are further clarifications, an external PPM is held with the QC, merchandiser, and buyer.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Work Organization and Management (3hrs)

Practice: Discipline, hygiene, safety, and effective communication.

Module 2:Planning to achieve production target (6hrs)

Practice: Detailed garment analysis and familiarization with day-to-day production activities

Practice: Mock production by assembly line system

 Module 3: Supervise all activities performed by operators and evaluate their performance(6hrs)

Practice- Identify and carry out operations using different machines.

Practice: SAM calculation for each operator.


Module 4: Operation Sequence Development (6 hrs)

Practice: Production grid for garment construction, development of production flowchart.

Practice: Guidelines for bundle ticket design, functions of bundle tickets, bundle ticket control.

 Module 5: Line balancing & Plan Layout Definition(12hrs)

Practice: How to input a new style in the production line.

Practice: How to balance the line.

Practice: Layout making

Practice: Basic production line layout

Project - Phase 1

onLine balancing and Layout Making

Module 6: Apparel Marketing(12hrs)

Practice: Marketing research - Types of markets: Retails and wholesale strategies for merchandise distribution- retailers.

Practice: Sourcing flows and practices.

Practice: Marketing plan-Labelling and licensing.

Practice: Awareness of the current market trend.

Project - Phase 2

Project- on Market Strategy and Planning


  1. Market strategy & planning.
  2. Line balancing
  3. Layout making
  4. Garment costing.


  1. Measure engine components.
  2. Overhauling of a live engine. (Overhauling needed).
  3. Diagnose the fuel meter. (Fuel meter defective).
  4. Interval servicing maintenance of the 2 & 3 wheeler as per the company’s maintenance chat with the report.


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