SKILL – Basket Ball, Paid Course (Fees- 500)


Debabrata Biswal


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Course Name : SKILL - Basket Ball, Paid Course (Fees- 500)

Code(Credit) : ABC01(1-4-1)

Course Objectives

1. This course is designed to provide students with the basics knowledge and skill of basketball to play and enjoy.
2. To provide knowledge, understanding and appreciation to the game of basketball.
3.To develop satisfactory competancy in basic skills such as driblling, passing, shooting, foot work and gameplay in halfcourt and full court situation.
Basic fundamentals skill, rule/terminology, officiating team offence/defence and situational strategies.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand basics basketball rules, terminology and safety concern.
2. Demonstrate the ability to perform individual/ team offensive and difference skills and strategies.
3. Demonstrate proper etiquette and good sportsmanship.

Course Syllabus

Module 1

Know About history of Basketball     3hrs


To Provide Knowledge, Understanding and appreceation to Game of Basketball.   3hrs


To develop Satisfactory Competancy       9hrs

Module 4

To Provide Game situation and Experience     6hrs


Familiarization with offensive and diffencive starategies       6hrs

Module 6

Halfcount and full count situation and officiating the game    6hrs


Rebounding,diffensive offencive. Individual diffencive     6hrs

Session Plan

Session 1

Demo- Warm Up

Practice - Footwork

Ball Handling

Session 8

Practice - Diffenssive and Offenssive skill

Session 7

Practice - Rebounding and Fall Back

Session 6

Demo - Warm up

Practice - Jumpshoot shooting

Session 5

Demo - Warm up

Practice - Individual Offenssive

Session 4

Demo - Warm up

Practice- Cross over Dribling, Lay up Shooting

Session 3

Demo - Warm up

Practice - Dribling, Shooting

Session 2

Demo - Warm up

Practice - Passsing and Receiving   (Chest Bounce)

Session 9

Practice - 4v4 offensive skill

Session 10

Practice - Offenssive 3 on 2 2 on 1

Session 11

Practice - Offenssive 5V5

Session 12

Team Offenssive and Diffenssive

Session 13 -20

Practice - All offenssive , Diffenssive Strategies With Practice Match

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