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Course Name :SKILL - Introduction to Block Chain Technology

Code(Credit) : ABC01(0-3-1)

Course Objectives

1.Understanding the core concepts of Blockchain in details.
2.Develop an end-to-end Samart contract in Solidity Remix.
3.Hands on experience of using Blockchain tools.
4.Develop your own Decentralised application (DAPP)

Learning Outcomes

1.Understanding how blockchain works and where we can use this technology
2.Implement the knowledge of the Smart contract in Solidity remix.
3.Concept about how Decentralised applications works
4.User will have hand on experience to use blockchain applications like Solidity Remix, IPFS etc.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: block chain fundamental (3hrs)

Practice- Demonstration of block chain fundamentals .
What is block chain, distributed p2p network ,block wallet address
Public and private key
Miner,block chain architecture

Module 2: Basic of solidity (6hrs)

Practice- What are Smart Contracts?
What is Consensus?
Types of Consensus Algorithms?
introduction to solidity
Environment setup
simple smart contract
variable type/declare
function declare
deploy smart contract
modifier keyword in solidity function

Module 3 :- Ethereum Smart Contracts, Tokens (6hrs)

Function modifier keywords (view, pure, constant)
Function visibility (external, public, internal & private)
Variable Visibility (private, internal & public)
Built-in Variables (msg.sender, msg.value...)
Control Structures (if, for, while...)
Arrays (Declare, Read, Update, Delete)
Mappings (simple mappings, nested mappings, array in mappings...)
Enum in solidity
events in solidity
Error Handling (throw, revert, require, assert...) in solidity

Module 4: How to create smart contract (6hrs)

Practice- Create smart contract in Solidity Remix

Project - Phase 1(12hrs)
Solidity remix make your own smart contract

Module 5: Introduction to web technologies and/for distributed app development
A)Node.js react .js(18 hrs)

How to make your front hand in react.js
How to make your back hand in node.js

Design your own front hand and back hand by using react.js and node.js

B)Dapp put your own certificate in block chain database (IPFS)(3 hrs)
Practice: learn how to put any certificate in ethereum , IPFS database

C)Dapp create your own marketplace (3hrs)
Practice: how to make your own (Block chain) marketplace like Amazon

Project - Phase 2(12hrs)

Design your own front hand and back hand by using react.js and node.js

Project - Phase 3(3hrs)
Create your own marketplace and put any product

List of Projects (Maximum group size is 4)
1.Project:- Make your own crypto currency
2.Project:- Create your own marketplace
3.Project:- put your any certificate in block chain ethereum in IPFS database

Session Plan

Session 1

Demo – Learn the basics concept of blockchain.

Web Links-

Session 4

Demo:- learn how to modifier keyword use in solidity
Demo:- learn view, pure,constant keywords use in solidity

Web Links-

Session 5

Demo:- learn function visibility keywords use in solidity
Demo:- learn variable visibility keywords used in solidity

Web Links-

Session 6

Demo:- How to built in variables in solidity
Control Structures (if, for, while...)
Demo:- learn how to control structure in solidity

Web Links-

Session 7

Demo:- Learn how to declare arrays in solidity
Mappings (simple mappings, nested mappings, array in mappings...)
Demo:-Learn how to mapping in solidity

Web Links-

Session 10

Demo:-learn how to handel the error in solidity
Create a smart contract... from a smart contract!
Demo:- create a smart contract

Web Links-

Session 11

Demo:- crate your smart contract

Web Links-

Session 12

Demo:- learn how to create fronthand and back hand
Practice:- user can download node.js in online

Web Links-

Node.js video link

React.js video link

Session 13

Demo:-learn how to create a market place

Web Links-

Session 14

Demo:-learn how to create file storage system in ethereum

Web Links-

Session 15

Demo:-learn how to create own crypto currency in ethereum

Web Links-

Session 16-20


Build your own Smart contract.
Make your own DAPP.
Make your own crypto-currency(optional).

Process:- User will make Smart contract on Solidity Remix by using the basic concept of Solidity programming language.
Process :- By the help of node and react js the userwill make the front hand and back hand. Then at last user will make the Dapp by the help of IPFS.
Process :- User will make their own crypto-currency by the help of Solidity Remix and rinkeby test network and they can put their cryptocurrency in Metamask.

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