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Course Name : SKILL - CNC Operator

Code(Credit) : ABC01(0-3-1)

Course Objectives

1. Carry out pre-machining activitiesCarry out programming for CNC
2. Perform different kinds of machining operationsMaintain 5S at the work premises
3. Conduct all post machining operations
4. Maintain a safe and healthy working environment
5. Perform Daily maintenance of machine
6. Perform stage inspections & maintaining the quality of product

Learning Outcomes

1. Use an understanding of general and machine (G & M) code to generate or edit a program which will operate a CNC lathe.
2. Apply mathematical methods to calculate Cartesian coordinates.

Course Syllabus

Module 1:Introduction to CNC Controls and Programming (3hrs)

Overview of CNC controls and different types of controls. A brief introduction to types of CNC machine and primary elements of a machine along with working principle. Brief overview of applications and operations performed by a CNC machine and role of anoperator in it.

Practice-Warming up the machine to make it ready for operation.
Practice-Perform daily maintenance of machine and check points before starting the machine

Module 2: Overview on Co-ordinate system, production drawing, setup of a component and Measuring Instruments

Study of production drawings and understand the dimensional, geometrical tolerances. Introduction to measuring instruments and its uses. Setting up the machine as per setup sheet.

Practice:Measurements of finished component
Practice: Study of production drawing and setup sheet
Practice: Setting a component on machine

Module 3: Programming Cycles & Datum setup (09hrs)

Introduction to datum setup and practice of datum setup on different components. Practice of programming cycles:
Practice-Component Practice -1
Practice- Component Practice -2
Practice- Component Practice -3

Module 4: Tools and its nomenclature. Speed, feeds, depth of cuts & RPM relations and implications (9hrs)

Introduction to tools. Different types of tools, collets, adapters and its uses.Study of specification of tools.
Practice- Securing your job on machine bed/ chuck/fixture.
Practice-Securing your tool clamping/ holding in adapters.
Practice-Datum setting, Tool length compensation, Tool wear adjustment
Practice- Carry out machining operation of component 1,2 & 3 as per process plan and use oftool wear adjustments.

Project -Phase 1 (5hrs)
Selecting a component for machining. Process planning of component and cycle time estimation. List out the tools required and raw material required. Preparation of models.

Module 5: Introduction to Daily maintenance activities & preventive maintenance (9 hrs)
Introduction to Electrical panel of machine and check points.
Study of frequently coming alarms and its troubleshooting
Practice- Daily maintenance check list and performing daily maintenance of machine
Practice-Performing preventive maintenance of machine
Practice-Maintaining Coolant concentration as per operation

Module 6: Machining on Mastercam program (6hrs)

Practice-Setting up a machine to run mastercam program
Practice-Running the program in DNC mode
Practice- Verifying a mastercam program

Project- Phase 2(2hrs)
Preparing the machine as per mastercam setup sheet for machining of project component.

Project - Phase 3 (6hrs)
Machining of project component

List of Projects (One project is to be chosen by group of students. Maximum group size is 4)
1. Project
2. Project
3. Project
4. Project

Session Plan

Session 1

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Session 2

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