Course Name : 3D Game Art


Sandeep Kumar


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Course Name : 3D Game Art

Code(Credit) : CUTM3121 (0-2-2)

Course Objectives

  • This course is designed for completely beginners in 3D modeling and designing
  • Add realistic and optimised lighting to your 3D scenes
  • Render and post-produce your final images in an artistic way

Learning Outcomes

  • Master the fundamentals of 3D software specially using Blender
  • Create any type of 3D models you can imagine from simple to complex ones using different kind of methods
  • Learn the fundamentals of digital sculpting in Blender
  • Able to create material, texture and understand in-depth UV mapping techniques
  • Basic of Animation

Project List

  • 3D 2BHK Interior Design
  • Low-poly character design

Course Syllabus

Module- I


UI Introduction

Editor and Area

UI size and workspaces

Mouse viewport navigation

Alternative navigation methods

Axis viewpoints

Basic object selection

3D cursor

Creating and deleting objects

Viewport settings

Framing and custom shortcut

Hiding objects and local view mode

Basic transformation



Module II:

Introduction to Modeling

Edit Mode



Introduction to Shading and Texturing



Texture Painting



Module III:

Introduction to Animation


Introduction to Physics

Particles, Rigid Bodies, Cloth, Fire and smoke, Fire and smoke, Fluids

Introduction to Rendering and Compositing


Render Settings

Session Plan

Session 1: Storyboarding
a. Character Sketching
b. Scene Sketching
Session 2: Intro to 3D Software
a. What is 3D?
b. So, what is Blender?
Session 3: Interface
Session 4: Navigation
Session 5: Selection
Session 6: Transforming Objects
Session 7: 3D Cursor
Session 8: Editors
Session 9: Layouts
Session 10: Edit Mode
Session 11: Modifiers
Session 12: Sculpting
Session 13: Shading and Texturing
Session 14: Texturing
Session 15: UV’s
Session 16: Texture Painting
Session 17: Shading
Session 18: Animation
Session 19: Keyframes
Session 20: Physics
Session 21: Particles
Session 22: Rigid Bodies
Session 23: Cloth
Session 24: Fire and smoke
Session 25: Fluids
Session 26: Rendering and Compositing
Session 27: Rendering
Session 28: Cameras
Session 29: Render Settings
Session 30: Final Rendering
Session 31: Export to Game Engine.
Session 32: Export Animations to Game Engine

Case Studies:

  1. Storyboarding a Concept Art
  2. 3D Modeling of Characters and Environment
  3. Texturing of Characters and Environment
  4. Lighting and Final Rendering of Scene

Our Main Teachers

Sandeep Kumar

Lecturer, Department of CSE

Sandeep Kumar is B. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from Centurion University, Bhubaneswar. He chooses his career as a Game Developer and has strong interest in Animation, XR and Game AI. He is a Unity Certified Developer from Jan 18. Sandeep is a Runner-up of Unity Gaming Hackathon at APITA organized by UNESCO. Currently, […]