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Course Name : General Duty Assistance

Code(Credit) : ABC01(0-3-1)

Course Objectives

•Provides patient centered care and perform basic general duty assistance skills in a safe and competent environment.
•Demonstrate basic personal care skills.
•Perform within the ethical and legal boundaries of the scope of practice.
•Understanding body mechanics.
•Administering drugs as per prescriptions.
•Disposal of medical waste

Learning Outcomes

•Assist the patient in maintaining normal elimination
•Transferring a patient within the hospital
•Communicating appropriately with co-workers
•Prevent and control infection
•Assist the nurse in performing procedures as instructed in the care plan
•Respond to patient`s call
•Transport patient , manage to change and transport the laundary
•Maintain a safe ,healthy and secure environment
•Follow biomedical waste disposal protocols.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Healthcare Systems , Broad functions of Patient Care Assistant (6 hrs)
Practice- Basic understanding of Healthcare Service Providers(primary, secondary & tertiary), Basic understanding of services offered to patients in a hospital ,Basic understanding of various departments in the hospital.

Practice: To develop broad understanding of the functions to be performed by PCA, Understand the functions to be performed by PCA during admission and discharge of patient.

Module 2: Introduction to Human Body-Structure & Function , Personnel Hygiene & Professional Behaviour (9 hrs)
Practice- Understanding different parts of body , Understanding different systems of body, Understanding different positions of bed
Practice- To develop understanding of the concept of Healthy Living, To develop understanding & procedures of Hand Hygiene, To develop techniques of Grooming, To be equipped with Techniques of Use of PPE.

Module 3 : Bio Medical Waste Management , Emergency Medical Response ( 6 hrs)
Practice- To gain understanding of importance of proper and safe disposal of bio-medical waste & treatment , To gain understanding of categories of bio-medical waste, To learn about disposal of bio-medical waste – colour coding, types of containers, transportation of waste,etc.
Practice: Describe chain of survival , Demonstrate CPR and Emergency situations, crash cart trolley, O2 cylinder etc

Module 4: Positioning/ Transferring/ Mobility of patients, Observing and Reporting ( 6 hrs)
Practice: Describe importance of positioning for a patient in treatment and recovery, Introduction to various types of position, Understand usage of Wheel chair, stretcher, shifting of patient from bed to stretcher

Practice: Understand the importance of observing and reporting to authority for said or unsaid findings, if any, Understanding the importance of verbally informing the person in authority

Module 5: Patient’s Rights & Environment , Patient – Basic care and needs ( 6 hrs)
Practice: Describe necessary arrangements to ensure patient safety and comfort, Understand sensitivities involved in patient’s right.
Practice: Understand the difference of care provided to ill patients, terminally ill, physically challenged and handicapped personnel.

Module 6 : Elimination , Bed Making , Role of General Duty Assistant -Sanitation, Safety & First Aid ( 6 hrs)
Practice: Understand the importance forexcreta disposal in human body , Understand care to be provided in case of urine And bowel Incontinence or patient with urinary catheter, Observation of urine and stools for routine as well as special reporting.

Practice: To understand various types of linen used in hospital , To develop an understanding for the need of periodic changing of linen, To understand preparation of an empty bed, occupied bed and room after discharge etc.

Practice: Describe common emergency conditions and what to do in medical emergencies, Describe basics of first aid , To develop understanding and precautions to ensure self safety.

Module 7: Infections control and prevention, Emergencies in health care and response to patient call ( 6 hrs)
Practice: Identification of deviation from normal health , Explain Hospital borne infections, Explain different types of Spillages and their management.

Practice: Describe emergencies in Hospital and general conditions , Describe fire emergencies and action to be initiated in fire emergencies

Session Plan

Session 1

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Session 2

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