SKILL – Swimming, Paid Course (Fees- 1000)


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Course Name : SKILL - Swimming, Paid Course (Fees- 1000)

Code(Credit) : ABC01(0-3-1)

Course Objectives

1. To provide knowledge, understanding & appreciation towards the sports.
2. To develop satisfactory competency in basic skills such as breathing , exercise, floating , different types of kicks.
3. To develop fundamental skills.

Learning Outcomes

1. Advance swimming stamina in all four strokes while maintaining technique
2. Improve efficiency in all four strokes
3. Develop turn technique for all four strokes
4. Knowledge and understanding of club training practices

Course Syllabus

Module -1

Introduction & measurement (09hrs)
Warmup pool
Diving pool

Module -2

To provide knowledge about the history of swimming
Basics about the origin

Module -3

Knowledge & skills on controlling the body inside the pool of water. (09hrs)
Practice -Floating by Pads
Practice -Flutter kicks
Practice -Sculling Water
Practice - Breathing exercise

Module -4

Basic fundamental skills on method of swimming style (09hrs)
Free style
Breast stroke
Butterfly stroke
Dolphin kicks

Practice - Swimming tips and practical on above styles.

Module - 5

To make familiar about the terms, Strategies, Durations, rules & regulations (12hrs)

Module - 6

Official Recognization of the matches. (09hrs)
Events of swimming
Warm up techniques
Nutrition for swimmers
Costume for swimming

Session Plan

Session 1

Practice - warm up ,over coming fear of water

Web Links-

Session 2

Practice- warm up , leg exercise inside the water

Web Links-

Session 3

Practice - warm up , leg exercise inside water , using of paddles

Web Links-

Session 4

Practice -leg exercise , using wall or edge of pool floating the body

Web Links-

Session 5

Practice -control on body for stability inside the water

Web Links-

Session 6

Practice - breathing exercises , leg exercises

Web Links-

Session 7,8

Practice - breathing exercises ,sculling water , leg exercise

Web Links-

Session 9,10,11

Practice - Flutter kicks

Web Links-

Session 12

Practice - training on freestyle

Web Links -

Session 13

Practice - training on breast stroke swimming style

Web Links -

Session 14

Practice - training on dolphin kick

Web Links-

Session 15

Practice - training on butterfly stroke

Web Links-

Session 16-20

Tips on tournaments & Project

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