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Course Name : TAD(HRM)

Code(Credit) : MGHR2319(4+0+0)

Course Objectives

To acquaint the student about Human Resource Management in an organization.

The course aims at providing theoretical as well as conceptual knowledge and practical skills in the area of HRM.

This will enable the students to have the skills for appreciating and meeting the HR requirements for an emerging organisation.

Learning Outcomes

Gain an understanding of the concept of Human Resource Management and why businesses need it.

Orient the learners with the changing scenario of HRM.

Understand the nature of jobs and how to match people with the roles through resourcing.

Understand the nuances of the human resource development and the rewards management principles and practices.

Understand why organizations require a legally compliant HR system for a healthy work environment.

Course Syllabus

Module I
HRM- Why Businesses need it?
HRM - Definition
Importance and Objectives
Scope and Functions of HRM
The Changing environment of HRM
Transitions from the personal manager to the new age HR manager
Role & Functions of HR Manager in 21st Century
HRM issues in Indian Organizations
Aligning HR with Business Strategy, Measuring HR Contribution.

Module II
Designing Jobs and Resourcing People
Job Design
Human Resource Planning
Scouting and managing talent in organization
Recruitment and Selection
Induction and Orientation, Exit.

Module III
Human Resource Development and Rewards Management
Performance assessment, Learning and Development, Management Development.
The elements of reward management.

Module IV
Ensuring a Legally Compliant HR for a Healthy Work Environment and Effective Employee relationship
Managing Employee Separations(Voluntary and Non Voluntary)
Labour-Management Relations
Trade Unions
Collective Bargaining
Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure

Books Recommended
1. Gary Dazzler (2005). Human Resource Management. 10th Edition. Prentice Hall
2. Michael Armstrong (2010). A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice 10th Edition. Kogan Page

Reference Books
1. C.S. Venkata Ratnam & B. K. Srivastava - Personnel Management Human Resources
2. SubbaRao. Essentials of Human resource Management and Industrial relations; Himalaya Publishing.
3. Rao,T.V.Human resource development. Response books. Decenzo,D. Robbins S.P. Fundamentals of Human resource management. John Wiley and sons.
4. Mello,A.Jeffery.Strategic human resource management, Cengage learning.
5. Gomez-mejia,Balkin,Cardy.Managing Human resource,(4th edition) PHI.
6. Ivancevich,J.M. Human resource Management. TMH
7. Venkatratnam,C.S,Understanding Industrial relations,Oxford.
8. Aswathapa, Human Resource & Personnel management, TMH

Session Plan

Session 1 : Module I

HRM- Why Businesses need it?
Human Resource Management in Organizations

Session 4

The Changing environment of HRM
HRM in a changing environment ppt
Change in HRM video

Session 5

Session 6

Session 10 : Module II

Session 11

Session 12

Session 13

Scouting and managing talent in organization
What is Talent Management? video

Session 17 : Module III

Human Resource Development and Rewards Management
HR Basics: Total Rewards video

Session 21

The elements of Reward Management
Reward Management ppt

Session 22 : Module IV

Ensuring a Legally Compliant HR for a Healthy Work Environment and Effective Employee relationship
HR Basics: Employee Relations video

Session 23

Managing Employee Separations (Voluntary and Non Voluntary)
Employee Separation ppt
Types of Employee Separations video

Session 24

Session 26

Session 28


Industrial Relations, Industrial Disputes, Employee Discipline

Session 29

Students will be divided into groups and asked to go through various job portals and to make a report on the hiring process of selected companies., Monster India, Linkedin, Indeed,

Case Studies

Case Studies

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