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Sarat Kumar Jena


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Course Name : Web Content Development


Code(Credit) : CUMC2376 (0-4-4) 


Course Objectives

  • To introduce the 'World Wide Web' to the learners.

  • To impart knowledge in 'Developing Content' for websites.

  • To develop technical writing skill of the learners.

  • To impart knowledge of the 'Website'.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course students

  • Will be able to understand the technology and content of the world wide web.

  • Will be able to develop contents on web copy writing, digital news writing for various type of web sites.

  • Will be able to write E-books, Blogs, E-Commerce content.

  • Will be able to develop perception of branding, promotion and distribution by visualization by successful delivery through the web content.

Course Syllabus

Module: I

Introduction to World Wide Web, Theory of Internet Technology, Introduction to Web Content Development


Module: II

Web Copy Writing, Digital News Writing, Content Creation for different types of websites


Module: III

Website Concepts, Theme, Colour, Branding


Module: IV

Developing E-Books, Blogs, E-Commerce Content


Module: V

Website Types, Features, Characteristics,Introduction to Website Coding



Applen, JD.Writing for the Web: Composing, Coding and Constructing Websites. New York: Routledge, 2013.

Brian, Carroll.Writing and Editing for Digital Media. New York: Routledge, 2017.

Kapczynski, Adrian and Tkacz, Ewaryst. Internet - Technical Development and Applications. Heidelberg: Springer, 2009.

Session Plan

Session 1

Introduction to Web Content Development.

Why the 'Web Content'?

Web Content Writing


Session 2

Types of Web Content

Types of Web Content


Session 3

Standardization of Web Content.

Guidelines to Develop Web Content.



Session 4

Introduction to Internet



Session 5

Introduction to Internet Technology

NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in


Session 6

Web Copy Writing

Web Content Writing


Session 7

Digital News Writing

How to write Digital Media Techniques


Session 8

Types of Web Site

Web Site Basics


Session 9

Web Content: Writing for Different Types of Web Site

Web Content Strategy


Session 10

Web Site Concepts

Overview of Web Design Concepts


Session 11

Web Site Concepts

Overview of Web Design Concepts


Session 12

Theme, Colour, Branding

Website Colour Schemes


Session 13

Session 14

Developing E Books

E Book by Flip Builder


Session 15

Session 16

Developing Content for Blog

Creating Web Site

Blogging and Posting in Wordpress


Session 17

Developing E Commerce Content

Introduction to E Commerce


Session 18

Developing E Commerce Content



Session 19

Web Site Types and Features

Introduction to Web Design


Session 20

Website Characteristics

Introduction to Website Coding

Introduction to Web Design


Case Studies I

Content Writing for Web Site

Digital News Procution


Case Studies II

Blogging in Wordpress


Case Studies III

Writing, Designing and Publishing an E book on Website


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