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Course Name : Coastal aquaculture and mariculture

Code(Credit) : FSAQ 2204(2-1-0)

Course Objectives

  • Status of sea-farming and overview of coastal resources.
  • Shore based aquaculture and sea farming in India.
  • Importance of marine cultivable species and plant.

Learning Outcomes

  • Sustainability development and culture practice of marine species.
  • Grow out and culture methods of different marine animals and plants.

Course Syllabus


An overview of sea farming and shore-based aquaculture in different parts of the world. Resources for shore-based aquaculture and sea farming in India. Traits of important cultivable fish and shellfish (seabass, mullet, milkfish, grouper, cobia, snappers, ayu, pearlspot, tiger shrimp, white shrimp, mud crab, mussel, clam, oysters (edible and pearl oyster), lobster, seaweeds, Seed resources. Shore based aquaculture system: traditional (pokkali, bheries, gazanis, khazans), semi- intensive, intensive aquaculture practice of commercially important species of fish and shellfish. Methods of Shellfish Culture rafts, racks, cages, poles and ropes., Water and soil quality management. Estimation of growth, survival and pond productivity. Seaweed culture, Pearl culture, Sea ranching.


Identification of important cultivable species. Collection and identification of commercially important seed of fish and shellfishes. Types of fertilizers - Pond preparation. Seed selection, quality and acclimatization. Water quality parameters. Estimation of seed survival. Pond biomass estimation. Material, apparatus and machinery for shore-based aquaculture and sea farming. Estimation of feed intake. Growth and health monitoring. Fouling organisms in cages and pens.



  1. Advances in aquaculture----TVR Pillay and Won A Dill
  2. Aquaculture –the farming and husbandry of fresh water and marine organisms ----Bardach, JE JH Ryther, WO MEharney
  3. Fisheries sciences ----R Santhanan
  4. World fish farming cultivation and economics ---- E Evan Brown
  5. Problems of prawn culture (FAO Pub) ---- K Shigeno
  6. Brackishwater prawn culture ---- MC Dash and PN Patnaik
  7. Prevention and control of fish and prawn diseases ----KP Biswas
  8. Publication from CMFRI &CIBA -ICAR

Session Plan

Session 1

Session 4 (Practical)

Session 12 (Practical)

Session 14 (Practical)

Fouling organism in cages and pens

Session 17 (Practical)

Identification of seaweeds

Session 21 (Practical)

Session 22

Session 26

Session 27

Water quality testing methods

Practice Session 1


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