Data Analysis and Visualisation Using Python


Anita Patra


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Course Name : Data Analysis and Visualisation Using Python

Code(Credit) : CUTM 1018(0-1-3)

Course Objectives

  • How to tell a story from data
  • How to marshal the data for storyline
  • The ability to develop visualisation to tell the story
  • The focus is on analysis of data using visualisation as a tool

Learning Outcomes

  • To create impactful visualisation with good story line.

Course Syllabus



The objective and flow of the story to be understood through cases




Python libraries: Pandas, NumPy, Plotly, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Dash

Data collection from online data sources, Web scrap, data formats such as HTML, CSV, MS Excel, data compilation, arranging and reading data, data munging




Different graphs such as Scatterplot, Line chart, Histogram, Bar chart, Bubble chart, Heatmaps etc.

Dashboard Basics – Layout, Reporting, Infographics, Interactive components, live updating


Projects List

1. World Development Indicators

2. IPL matches

3.  IBM HR Analytics

4. Statewise Analysis Socio Economic Indicators

5. Analysis of Lawn Tennis Tournaments

6. World Cup

7. FIFA cup

8. Status of Micro Small Medium Enterprises in India

9. Crime Against Women

10. Tourism in India

11. Loan/Credit Analysis

12. Indian Budget Analysis

13. Handlooms in India

14. Crimes in India

15. E-commerce

16. NIRF Results

17. Results Analysis of CUTM students (last five year passed out students)

18. Malnutrition

19. Population

20. Performance of Indian Movies

21. Crop Production in India

22. Sales in Super Markets


23. ERP dashboarding

24. Details of Social/ Empowerment schemes of Govt. etc.

25. COVID 19


Reading materials and videos available on internet on how to use ANACONDA, JUPYTER NOTEBOOK and Python Libraries

Session Plan

Session 1

Session 3


Environmental setup - Anaconad and Jupyter notebook, Anaconda Navigator and Libraries Installation

PPT: Python Libraries

Session 5 & 6

Project - 1

For Project -1, the student group has to define the objective/s of the study, identify the data that will be needed and the source of such data

Make Presentations groupwise

Session 10 & 11

Project - 1

Data collection and sorting for the assigned project

Pandas Tutorial 1. What is Pandas python? Introduction and Installation-

Pandas Tutorial2. Dataframe and Series Basics- Selecting row and column-

Pandas Tutorial 3: Different Ways Of Creating DataFrame -

Python Pandas Tutorial 4: Read Write Excel CSV File-

Importing data in python - Read excel file -

Pandas Tutorial 8 | How to import HTML data in Python | Importing HTML data in Python -

Pandas Tutorial 13, Crosstabs -

Session 12 & 13


Basics of Numpy

Complete Python NumPy Tutorial (Creating Arrays, Indexing, Math, Statistics, Reshaping) -

PPT     Basic of Numpy

Session 16 & 17


Basic of Matplotlib

Different Graphs: plots

Matplotlib Tutorial 1 - Introduction and Installation-

Matplotlib Tutorial 2 - format strings in plot function -

Matplotlib Tutorial 3 - Axes labels, Legend, Grid-

Matplotlib Tutorial 4 - Bar Chart -

Matplotlib Tutorial 5 - Histograms -

Matplotlib Tutorial 6 - Pie Chart -

Matplotlib Tutorial 7 - Save Chart To a File Using savefig -

Plotting real-time data using Python -

Session 18, 19, 20 & 21

Project (work on Project -1)

Work on the projects assigned using Python Libraries

Pandas Tutorial 1. What is Pandas python? Introduction and Installation- 

Pandas Tutorial 3: Different Ways Of Creating DataFrame -

Python Pandas Tutorial 4: Read Write Excel CSV File

Importing data in python - Read excel file -

Pandas Tutorial 8 | How to import HTML data in Python | Importing HTML data in Python -

Pandas Tutorial 13, Crosstabs -


Session 22 & 24



Graphing Library -

Plotly Python - Plotly multi line chart| Plotly Python data visualization-

Plotly Data Visualization in Python | Part 13 | how to create bar and line combo chart -

Plotly Web based visualisation -

Session 25, 26, 27 & 28

Project (Project-1)

Work on Project

Interim Presentation

Session 29 & 30

Session 31 & 32


Web Scrapping

Web scraping in Python (Part 4)_ Exporting a CSV with pandas -

Web scraping in Python (Part 2)_ Parsing HTML with Beautiful Soup -

Webscraping - Mode, Median, Mean, Range, and Standard Deviation-

Web Scraping Dynamic Graphs to CSV Files using Python -

Session 33 & 34


Solve the 10 problem (started from session 7)

-students will submit the assignment (in groups)

(upload the assignment ...done by Prof. Ramana)

Session 35 & 36


Dashboard Basics

Create Presentation Slides from Jupyter -

Dash and Python 1_ Setup -

Dash and Python 2_ Dash Core Components -

Dash and Python 3_ Using CSS -

Session 37 & 38


Dash (plotly) and Python

Dash in 5 Minutes  -

How to Create a Slideshow using Jupyter+Markdown+Reveal.js-

ipython dashboard -

Plotting real-time data using Python -

Session 38 & 39

Session 40 & 41

Session 42 & 43


Work on Project - 1 to make dash boards

Session 44, 45 & 46


Final presentation of Project -1

Session 47 & 48

Project -2

Start Project - 2 (ERP Dash Board)

Define the objective and prepare the flow chart

Session 49 & 50


Make presentations on the objective and flow chart of Project-2

Session 50 & 51


Work on Project - 2

Session 52 & 53


Make interim presentation on Project - 2

Session 54 & 55


Work on Project - 2

Session 56 & 58


Final Presentation on Project -2

Session 59 & 60


Make final changes on Project -1 & Project -2 to make it ready for External Evaluation

Case Studies

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Case Studies

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