Quantitative Techniques for Management


Parle Kalyan Chakravarthy


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Course Name : Quantitative Techniques for Management

Code(Credit) : CUTM 1220 (2-4-0)

Course Objectives

  • To learn about the operations research techniques, model formulation and applications used to solve business decisions by using computer software

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to formulate complex problems into mathematical models to solve using software
  • Propensity to interpret the results for optimize the costs
  • Administer of  different tools to focus on business decisions

Course Syllabus

Module-I:            LPP: LP Introduction, Formulation of LPP, and Solution  of        LPP by Graphical Method   Simplex Method, Penalty  Method, Special Cases in LPP, Duality and Dual Simplex Method in LPP

Module-II:          Transportation Models: Initial and Optimal Solution, Assignment Models: Hungarian and  Travelling Salesman Problems ,  Sequencing Problems

Module-III:         Network Analysis, PERT, CPM and Crashing

Module-IV:         Game Theory and strategies.


  • Frederick S. Hillier & Gerald J. Lieberman, Introduction to Operations Research, McGraw-Hill: Boston MA; 10th Edition, 2014
  • Taha, Hamdy A., "Operations Research: An Introduction", Pearson, 10th Edition, 2016
  • Harvey M. Wagner, Principles of Operations Research, Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, 1969
  • S D Sharma and Himansu Sharma, Operations Research: Theory, Methods and Applications, 15 Edition, Kedarnath Ramnath & Co

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Session Plan

Session 1

Session 3 (Practice)

LPP Formulation Cases

LPP Case-3 and case-4

Session 4 ( Practice)

Session 5 ( Practice)

LPP Formulation Practice session using Excel Solver


Session 6

LPP by graphical Method

Graphical Problems

Session 7 (Practice)

Session 8 ( Practice)

Session 9 ( Practice)

Session 10

LPP by Simplex Method , Simplex table

Session 11

LPP by Simplex Method

Simplex Method

Session 12 (Practice)

LPP by Simplex Method Cases


Session 13 (Practice)

Session 14 (Practice)

LPP by Simplex Method Cases by Excel Solver


Session 15 (Practice)

LPP by Simplex Method Cases by Excel Solver


Session 16 (Practice)

Internal Test-1

Session 17

Introduction to Artificial Variables


Session 19(Practice)

Penalty Method Cases

Penalty method

Session 20(Practice)

Penalty Method Cases

Panalty Cases

Penalty Method

Session 21 (Practice)

Penalty Method Cases by Excel Solver

Session 22 (Practice)

Penalty Method Cases by Excel Solver


Session 23 (Practice)


Session 25 (Practice)

Revised Simplex Method Practice by Excel Solver


Session 26 (Practice)

Revised Simplex method by Excel Solver


Session 27 (Practice)

Internal Assessment-1

Session 29 (Practice)

Session 31 ( Practice)

Session 32 ( Practice)

Dual Simplex method by Excel solver


Session 33 ( Practice)

Dual Simplex method by Excel solver

Session 35

Session 36 (Practice)

Session 37(Practice)

Session 38 (Practice)

Transportation Models by Excel Solver


Session 39 (Practice)

Session 40 (Practice)


Session 43 (Practice)

Session 44 (Practice)

Session 45 (Practice)

Session 46 (Practice)

Session 47 (Practice)

Internal Assessment-2

Session 48 (Practice)

Sequencing Models

Sequencing 1 & 2

Session 49 (Practice)

Sequencing Models

Sequencing 3 & 4

Session 50 (Practice)

Sequencing Models

Sequencing 5 & 6

Session 51 (Practice)

Sequencing Models

Session 56 ( Practice)

Crashing Networks

Crashing Example

Session 59

Session 60

Session 61

Dominance Property and Value


Session 62 (Practice)

Game (Graphical method cases)


Session 63 (Practice)

Game (Graphical method cases)


Session 64 (Practice)

Game (Dominance Property method cases)

Session 65 (Practice)


Session 66 (Practice)

Case Studies of LPP with Excel Solver ( Revision Classes for Practice)

LPP Cases

Session 67 (Practice)

Case Studies of Transportation  with Excel Solver ( Revision Classes for Practice)

TP Cases

Transportation Cases

Session 68 (Practice)

Case Studies of Assignment Models  with Excel Solver ( Revision Classes for Practice)

Assignment Cases

Session 69 (Practice)

Case Studies of Networking Models  with Excel Solver ( Revision Classes for Practice)

Session 70 (Practice)

Case Studies of Game Theory with Excel Solver ( Revision Classes for Practice)

Game Theory cases

Case Studies

Case Studies

Our Main Teachers

Doctorate in Human Resource Management ( Stress Management ) / Associate NCC Officer , NCC Unit, Centurion University / School of Management / Paralakhemundi Campus / Odisha / India