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Course Name :
Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology

Code(Credit) : ASEE1102(1-1-0)

Course Objectives

• To understand the basic concept of Rural Sociology, Indian rural society, Importance of rural sociology in Agricultural Extension
• Understand Social groups, social stratification, culture, social values, social control, social change and their relevance to Agricultural Extension
• Understand Educational Psychology, Intelligence, Personality, Perception, Emotion, Frustration, Motivation, Teaching, Learning

Course Outcomes

• Students understand the characteristics of rural society, social institutions, culture, social values and relevance in Agricultural Extension.
• Students understand the educational psychology, learning and teaching situation.
• Students access the personality types,emotions of human beings and motivation.

Course Syllabus

Sociology and Rural sociology: Definition and scope, its significance in agriculture extension, Rural society, Social Groups, Social Stratification, Culture concept, Social Institution, Social Change & Development. Educational psychology: Meaning & its importance in agriculture extension. Behavior: Cognitive, affective, psychomotor domain, Personality, Learning, Motivation, Theories of Motivation, Intelligence.

Visit to village to study the charecteristics of rural society and rural stratification; social groups, village institutions- school/ co operative society/ gram panchayat / water users association; visit toa village to list out the Folkways, Mores,Taboos, Ritual,Customs, Tradition, Culture, Etiquette, Social Values, Simulated Exercises for positive and Negative Emotions of farmers in a village. Administering Psychological Tests to assess personality Types of Human Beings. Experiment: 1. Eysenk personality inventory; 2. Edward’s Personality inventory. Types of intelligence and frustrations among farmers, Creating a Learning Situation under village Conditions- Organizing a extension Talk for Farmers in the village / conduct of a Method Demonstration in a village situation.

1. Adivi Reddy, A. 2006. Extension Education. Sree Lakshmi Press, Bapatla
2. Chitamber, J.B. 1997. Introductory Rural Sociology. Wiley Eastern Limited, New Delhi.
3. Daivadeenam,P. 2006. Educational Psychology in Agriculture. Agrotech Publishing Academy, Udaipur.
4. Mangal, S.K. 2000. Educational Psychology. Prakash Brothers, Ludhiana.
5. Ray, G.L. 2006. Extension Communication and Management. Naya Prokash/Kalyani Publishers, Ludhiana.

Session Plan

Session 1

Sociology and Rural Sociology, Meaning, Definition, Scope, its significance in agricultural extension

Project:Visit to village to study the characteristics of rural society and rural stratification Session 1

Session 2

Indian Rural Society, Important characteristics. Differences and Relationship between Rural and Urban societies, Social Groups Session 2

Project: Visit to social groups like SHGs

Session 3

Social Stratification- Characteristics and - Differences between Class & Caste System, Session 3 (4)

Session 4

Different Cultural concepts viz. Culture, Customs, Folkways, Mores, Taboos, Rituals and Traditions, Session 4

Project:Visit to a village to list out the Folkways, Mores, Taboos, Ritual, Customs, Tradition, Culture, Etiquette, Social Values

Session 5

Social Values -Meaning , Definition and  Types , Social Control, Session 5

Session 6

Social Institution types-Family. Education, Religious. Economic and Political, Social Change, Session 6

Project: Visit to Social Institutions

Session 7

Educational Psychology, Psychology-Meaning, Definition, Scope and Importance, Components of Behaviour, Session 7

Project: Conducting Method Demonstrations

Session 8

Intelligence- Meaning, Definition, Types, Factors affecting intelligence and Importance of intelligence, Perceptions, Emotions, Frustration-Meaning, types, factors and importance in Agricultural Extension, Motivation, Session 8

Project: Study about types of intelligence among farmers in a village and their frustrations

Session 9

Personality – Meaning, Definition, Types, Factors influencing the Personality and Role of personality in Agricultural Extension, Session 9

Project:To study about positive and negative Emotions of farmers in a village and administering Psychological Tests to assess personality of farmers in a village.

Session 10

Teaching- Learning-Learning experience and Learning situation, Principles of learning and their implication for teaching and steps in Extension Teaching,  Session 10

Project: Creating a Learning Situation under village Conditions and organizing Extension Talk

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies

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Chitrasena Padhy has total work experience of 14 years, out of which 7 years in teaching and extension experience as Associate Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Extension, M S Swaminathan School of Agriculture, Centurion University of Technology and Management, Paralakhemundi, Dist: Gajapati, Odisha since 2013. Previously worked as Livelihood Coordinator, Odisha Community Tank Management […]