Clinical Practices in Hospital – 3


Mr. Syed Raashid Andrabi


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Course Code : CUTM1826       (T-PR-PJ)  0 4 2

Course Objectives:

1. Work with other healthcare professionals, including those from other disciplines, to provide patient-focused care.

2. Communicate effectively and demonstrate caring and respectful behavior when interacting with the patients and their families,

3.Counsel and educate patients and their families

4. Perfection in handling and troubleshooting equipment after the completion of course

Learning Outcomes:

1.Students will understand the appropriate patient communication and education skills.

2.Students will demonstrate professional and ethical conduct.

3.Perform their task better, improve their work related skill set, increase knowledge about their work, become aware of their future roles and responsibilities related to their task, etc.

4.Perform competently all medical and invasive procedures considered essential for the area of practice

5.To understand the use of information technology to support patient care decision and patient education.

i.Maintaining registers
ii. Narcotic register
iii. Anesthesia notes
iv. MLC register
v. Death register
vi. Usage of a peripheral nerve stimulator and ultrasound
vii. Procedure of  blocks,
viii. Asepsis
ix. Types of spinal needles
x. Touhy epidural needle
xi. Epidural set-contents(epidural catheter)
xii. Setting trolley for retrograde intubation
xiii. Setting of airway management equipment trolley for infants and children
xiv. Intraoperative anaesthetic management and monitoring
xv. Drugs used in regional anaesthesia + adjuvants (Morphine, Pethidine, Fentanyl, Sufentanil, Clonidine)
xvi. Atropine, ephedrine, mephentermine, Lipid emulsion
xvii. Difficult intubation cart, difficult airway management, setting up of IBP/CVP

Our Main Teachers

Working as Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Anesthesia , CUTM-AP, Vizianagaram from Sept-2021 to till date. Having an experience of 5 years in teaching and research. Earlier worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesia in various reputed Medical Colleges at Jammu & Kashmir (for about one year) and Utter Pradesh (for about 3 years), Andhra Pradesh(for about 1.5 years). I have done MSc Anesthesia in 2016 and Pursuing Ph.D. (Allied Health Science) from NIMS Jaipur, Rajasthan. Having research publications in various National and International Journals.