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Course Objective

This course aims to build capacities of students to understand the fundamental psychological processes which guide human behaviour at individual, group and community levels in specific contexts, to develop sound extension strategies.

Course Outcome

1.Students understand the fundamental psychological processes which guide human behaviour at individual, group and community levels in specific contexts.

2.Students can develop proper extension strategies




Foundations of Human Behaviour: Human behaviour – Meaning, importance and factors influencing human behaviour; Biological bases of human behaviour – Nervous system, brain, endocrine system and genes; Individual variations – intelligence, ability and creativity– foundations and theories, personality and temperament - foundations, approaches, theories of personality, measuring personality (traits, locus of control, self-efficacy; Personal, social and moral development – meaning, concepts – self-concept, self-esteem and self-worth and theories. Motivation – foundations, approaches, theories, managing human needs and motivations; perceiving others – impression, attitude, opinions; Emotions - foundations, types and functions, measuring emotional intelligence



Cognitive Processes affecting Human Behaviour: Sensory organs and their role cognition; Cognitive processes – Attention, perception, remembering and forgetting, knowledge and expertise – foundations and theories; Principles and processes of perception; Consciousness – meaning, types, sleep and dreams; Learning and Memory – Memory - meaning, types and mechanisms of storage and retrieval of memories in the Human brain; Complex cognitive processes- Concept formation, Thinking, Problem solving and transfer – foundations, theories and approaches


Information processing – meaning, principles; Models of information processing - Waugh and Norman model of primary and secondary memory; Atkinson and Shiffrin’s stage model of memory; other models including blooms taxonomy and Sternberg’s Information Processing Approach; Attention and perception – meaning, types, theories and models; Consciousness.


Learning – foundations, approaches and theories; Cognitive approaches of learning– meaning, principles theories and models; Memory – foundations, types; Behavioural approaches of learning – foundations and theories - classical conditioning, operant conditioning, applied behaviour analysis; Social cognitive and constructivist approaches to learning – foundations and theories – social cognitive theory, Self- regulated learning; learning styles – meaning, types and applications in learning.


Human Judgement – meaning, nature, randomness of situations, theories and models; Choice – meaning, criteria for evaluating options; theories and models of human choice; Choice architecture; Decision-making – Meaning, problem analysis; steps and techniques of decision-making under different contexts


Attitudes and Influence: Attitudes - meaning, assumptions, types, theories and models of attitude formation; methods of changing attitudes, Relating to others - liking, attraction, helping behaviour, prejudice, discrimination and aggression; Liking/ affect – meaning, types and theories; Attraction – meaning, types and theories; Persuasion – meaning, theories and techniques; Social influence and groups – conformity, compliance and obedience.



Social Judgement, Social Identity and Inter-Group Relations: Social judgement – meaning, frame of reference, stereotyping; The judgement of attitude models; Attribution – meaning, theories; Rational decision making; Social identify – meaning, types; assessment; Groups – meaning, types, group processes; sustainability of groups; Inter group processes and theories social learning.


Understanding perception – Attentional Blink and Repetition Blindness exercise, Understanding attention - Testing selective attention capacity and skills and processing speed ability through Stroop test, Hands-on experience in the techniques for assessing creative thinking – divergent and convergent thinking, Lab exercise in applying Maslow’s need hierarchy to assess motivation, Learning - Classical conditioning and operant conditioning, Assessing learning styles through Barsch and Kolb inventories, Practical experience in building self-esteem, Assessment of emotional intelligence, Exercises in problem solving, Exercises in visual perception, Measuring self-concept using psychometric tools, Experiment on factors influencing information processing,Assessment of attitudes,Hands on experience in methods of persuasion,Field experience in assessing social judgment, Simulation exercise to understand decision-making under different situations, Exercise in rational decision-making.

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Our Main Teachers

Chitrasena Padhy has total work experience of 14 years, out of which 7 years in teaching and extension experience as Associate Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Extension, M S Swaminathan School of Agriculture, Centurion University of Technology and Management, Paralakhemundi, Dist: Gajapati, Odisha since 2013. Previously worked as Livelihood Coordinator, Odisha Community Tank Management […]